Some of our professionals audit most or all of the time; others provide advisory services and do audits, as client needs dictate.  This section provides general criteria for experience, credentials, and independence.

There are also instructions on how you can be considered for the network, either to co-source work you already have, or to become a resource for IPSA Audits. 

Experience and Credentials

Auditor Experience

IPSA Auditors should have considerable experience in auditing.  Professionals currently in our network have over 20 years of experience in some type(s) of auditing.  Preference is given for:

  • A variety of types of auditing (systems, compliance, topics)
  • Familiarity with a broad range of auditing standards
  • Some experience in industry sectors likely affected by DFCM
  • Experience using the Yellow Book
  • Writing abilities
  • Certifications

Professionals with less experience are welcome to contact; we will consider resources for various roles related to the IPSA Audits.


Auditor Credentials

DFCM Auditors should have professional credentials suitable for this effort.  Preference is given for credentials for relevant fields of auditing, including

  • Certified Risk Management Auditor
  • Certified Professional Environmental Auditor
  • Certified Internal Auditor

Other auditor certifications will be considered. does have Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) among our resources.  CPAs who may be involved in the IPSA Audits will not be signing IPSA Audits as a CPA.   


Auditors in the network must commit to rigorous criteria for independence.  The auditor will be expected to provide suitable documentation of independence before each engagement.  The auditor may be requested to furnish updated conformation of independence for the duration of the period client’s reporting period after the IPSA Audit is filed. 


What criteria does require for independence of its auditors? follows the guidelines of the Yellow Book.  We impose additional independence requirements: 

  • The IPSA Auditor or direct relatives (spouse, dependent children) may not own stock in any company they audit.  The restricted time frame begins when the engagement begins, and continues through the end of the reporting period after the one covered by the audit.  For example, the IPSA Auditor for calendar year 2013 would be restricted from purchasing the audit client’s stock through the end of calendar year 2014. 
  • The IPSA Auditor or direct relatives may not be an employee of the audit client on a full-time or part-time basis. 
  • If the IPSA Auditor has performed other contract work for the IPSA Audit Client within the reporting period, it may not account for more than 10% of the audtor’s revenues in that period [exclusive of the IPSA Audit].  The other contracted work may not have included effort subject to the IPSA Audit. 


For Consideration in network


I’d like to work with  What should I do? 

If you have a suitable combination of experience, credentials, interest and availability, we would be pleased to consider you as a resource.  Review our criteria for independence, and make sure you would agree to it.  Our resource needs will depend, of course, on our own needs.  Click (FORM) to provide initial information and your resume.


I’ve been asked to do a IPSA Audit, but I could use your support.  Can you do this?

Yes.   Fill out the FORM and indicate that you are interested in co-sourcing a IPSA Audit.


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